• iSignFund Community is the zone where beautiful hearts and creative minds goes hand by hand to realize the dreams of millions of help seekers. We help several causes in the verticals of medical, education, community, religious, volunteer, and wedding.
  • Rules

  • iSignFund platform is meant to support billions of people hopes to come into reality. We encourage several set of category causes: medical, education, community, religious, volunteer, and wedding. Each and every iSignFund project follows below terms & conditions.
  • check mark Creation and sharing with others are mandatory to start any project

    Anything related to petition such as events, ideas, spaces, and experiences can be created. But before sharing the petition, a determined plan is required which admits the finishing of its goals.
  • check mark We entertain only transparent and clear-cut presentations

    We give strong attention to communication and trust. Misrepresentation of facts, misleading the people are offensive in the sight of iSignFund and the petitioners must aware of their end result during the planning stage. In any case, the project is complex, then representation of prototype with realistic sense is required. We strictly forbid photorealistic renderings.
  • check mark We don’t offer any kind of equity

    iSignFund is not an investment platform. Our petitions or projects will not offer any incentives like investment opportunities, revenue sharing, and equity.
  • check mark Prohibited items involvement is not entertained

    iSignFund will not involve any of the things in this list.
  • These terms and conditions are meant to give a clear-cut idea on how iSignFund operates and the above rules are not completely covering the usage perspective of our platform.