best crowdfunding platforms list

Pictures and Videos

  • check mark A video speaks 1000 Words. Make a short video which describes your cause and builds trust with your donors.
  • check mark Even though you have option to add 5 pictures make sure you add clear colorful images which appeal to your donor members
  • check mark Keep your Title and description short and sweet. Your tile should clearly explain the cause and your first few words in the description will show up on the social media when you share your campaign

How to increase your Supporters or Donors

  • check mark Share the campaign with your friends and family members and request them to share with their friends and groups that they are involved in.
  • check mark If for a Business or Petition use mediums like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter for maximum outreach. Social Media can help reach more donors and supporters by 3 times.
  • check mark Using Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, messages emails with HTML format emails will help you reach more supporters
  • check mark Sometime friends and family is too busy to check the social media, so call them and let them know about your campaign link and request them to pass around.

Be Transparent and use emails and Updates section

  • check mark Be active on the comments your receive on the campaign
  • check mark Post recent updates and email thank you note and appreciation notes to the donors.