• iSignfund a product of Clidiem LLC has been established to give power to Petitions with fundraising, survey the respondent opinions and increasing the power of organizations collaborating under one platform.
  • This is the only platform where collaboration from both individuals and Corporations is possible to elect a lobbying firm and know the updates about the conversations real time. We instill hope in the lives of help seekers with our influential marketing and ensure to reach the goals of our customers.

Our Purpose


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Organizational unity by "Support the Cause"


Petition + Funds + Survey + Collaboration

Why iSignFund for funding your Petition.

Full Transparency in disbursing the funds

4 STEP QUALITY CHECKS for raising the petitions with funds

  • check mark Verify the Organizer
  • check mark Verify the cause or Solution
  • check mark Distribution of funds after proper updates to the donors.
  • check mark Collect satisfaction survey from Supporters / Donors if they opt in or making sure the updates of the petitions are posted before releasing the funds.
  • Our team ensures the funds collected are properly distributed to the organizer or to the organizations mentioned after the approval of the members contributed the funds. We request the organizers to be transparent and post updates about distribution of funds on a regular basis.
  • We hold the right to return any leftover funds collected and take legal action on the organizer if they take advantage of the funds for personal endeavors.
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A unique platform with Petitions + CrowdFunding + Surveys + Collaboration

It supports

  • check mark Lobbying
  • check mark Petitions with Digital Signatures
  • check mark Petitions with Digital signatures and CrowdFunding
  • check mark Petitions with Digital signatures, Survey and CrowdFunding
  • check mark Business CrowdFunding with no rewards or equity
  • check mark Personal CrowdFunding
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